Market Entry


Gaining market entry into competitive Utility markets is our speciality. In particular, guiding clients into the complex competitive GB Electricity Market is an area where Utiliteam is the UK market leader. 

However, we would point out that gaining an Ofgem Licence is your responsibility and, following an Ofgem licensing review in 2019, these licensing processes are now quite stringent. As such, we strongly recommend that you engage with Ofgem very early in your deliberations to enter the competitive GB energy market (irrespective of which market role you are contemplating).

Market Entry – Energy Supplier (Universal Supplier Solution – “USS”)

Working in joint collaboration with our strategic partner Morrison Data Services ( we have developed the Universal Supplier Service (USS) which facilitates both low cost entry into the competitive GB energy supply market and supports those Energy Suppliers with very large customer portfolios.

Specifically, Utiliteam offers two choices to becoming a Supplier via the proven dual-fuel USS Managed Service – but in both cases you will need to obtain the necessary Supply Licenses from Ofgem:

  1. We can provide a MRA/BSC pre-qualified “off-the-shelf” (unlicensed) company which then operates via USS; OR
  2. We can guide your existing corporate entity through the relevant Industry Qualification processes using our proven Industry Market Messaging System (MMS).

Either way, your successful market entry is assured and USS provides you with a proven dual-fuel Industry Inter-Operability solution.

The functionally rich Industry inter-operability Market Messaging System (MMS) is an integral part of the USS managed service and is maintained and continuously improved by Utiliteam, whilst the USS Managed Service (which includes Non Half-Hourly Data Collection & Data Aggregation Supplier Hub Services) is operated by a team of Morrison Data Services (MDS) data specialists; fully supported by the MDS pedestrian meter reading field services.

Licensed Energy Suppliers that have chosen USS include:

Market Entry – independent Distribution Network Operator (iDNO)

Utiliteam is the only independent consultancy business to successfully gain market entry to the complex GB competitive energy market for a number of iDNO organisations.

Working in collaboration with C & C Group ( who provide an iDNO Managed Service, Utiliteam deploys our unique expertise and proven track-record to navigate new iDNOs through the stringent Balancing & Settlement Code (BSC) qualification process and the Master Registration Agreement (MRA) qualification process.

Licensed iDNOs that have previously chosen Utiliteam to guide them through the BSC Qualification Process and the MRA Qualification Process are:

  1. Independent Power Networks Limited;
  2. Electricity Networks Company Limited;
  3. Harlaxton Energy Networks Limited;
  4. Leep Utilities Limited;
  5. UK Power Distribution Limited;
  6. Utility Distribution Networks Limited;
  7. G2 Energy iDNO Limited;
  8. Murphy Power Distribution Limited;
  9. Fulcrum Electricity Assets Limited;
  10. Vattenfall Networks Limited;
  11. Forbury Assets Limited;
  12. Indigo Networks Limited.

Market Entry – Meter Operations (MOP)

The Government led Smart Meter Roll-Out programme has resulted in the need for very large numbers of dumb Gas & Electricity meters to be exchanged in a relatively short timeframe.

This has, in-turn resulted in a number of organisations seeking to get into this exciting market. However, to operate in this market it is first necessary to demonstrate compliance to the stringent requirements of the Balancing & Settlement Code (BSC) – with their Qualification Process taking around six – eight months to complete.

Utiliteam has two Balancing & Settlement Code (BSC) pre-qualified MOP companies that can be purchased by customers that are looking to (say) extend the scope of their existing Meter Worker business to becoming a fully-fledged BSC qualified MOP

Market Entry – Gas Industry

Whilst the Industry Qualification processes within the GB Gas Industry are currently far less stringent, Utiliteam has developed a sound knowledge of the GB Gas Market, including the fulfillment of RGMA requirements. Relevant experience includes assignment work completed for two prominent Gas Transporters and providing one of our clients with a design authority function for the development of a dual-fuel MOP/MAM system. In addition, we have an ongoing role in maintaining the dual-fuel USS Dual Fuel Supplier Interoperability System referred to above.

Market Entry – Water         

Utiliteam has Consultants who were involved in the implementation of the Water Market in Scotland and coupled with our knowledge of Gas & Electricity Market Entry processes in GB & Ireland, we would be very comfortable providing a Market Entry service to navigate new entrants through the defined Water Market Entry Processes, to enable operation in the recently deregulated competitive Water Market in England.


Gaining market entry into competitive Utility markets is our speciality. In particular, Utiliteam is the UK market leader at guiding clients into the complex competitive GB Electricity Market.
In this respect, Utiliteam aims to STEER clients to market, helping to navigate the stringent market entry processes and, more importantly, become “business ready” in order to ensure that your business is not impeded from realising your commercial aspirations.

So what do we mean by STEER?


Utiliteam deploys a structured yet pragmatic approach to Project Management. This is much appreciated by our clients and is the most significant enabler to the consistent successful delivery of complex projects


Utiliteam understands the importance of carrying out rigorous testing in order to prove that the entire Business Solution is “fit for purpose”. This testing, carried out in partnership with your staff, is part of ensuring that your business is ready to Go-Live


Utiliteam consultants are drawn from a diverse background with a wide range of complementary expertise. However, they all have one thing in common – they all have recent and relevant experience of working with New Entrants within the GB Utilities sector.


Our expertise in navigating and deriving value from the stringent market entry processes is unrivalled within the GB Utilities sector. A number of our consultants are ‘ex-assessors’ and this expertise, coupled with their ability to be Applicant focussed is unique.


Utiliteam has never failed to deliver a market entry project to time, quality and budget. This has earned us enormous respect from our clients and enables us to confidently boast that Utiliteam is the leading Accreditation Service Provider within the GB Utilities Sector